(creator/performer) tried out for Hairspray once and was told she was too thin to play Tracy,  so basically she’s the next Arianna Grande. Jennifer writes shit (, she likes to make shit up  (, and sometimes she will sing shit    ( @JenniferJA1016 (She does not understand Twitter.)
(concept/producer/curator/announcer) Ricky is a writer/actor/comedian/producer. After drunkenly exploring the Missed Connections section of Craigslist in early 2011, he made comedy history by birthing this show.  You might have seen him in a Bonanza Steakhouse commercial in 2008 or on TMZ on TV from 2013-2015. He's #living. @slikrik2003

JAKE MCKENNA (creator/performer) Having just returned from the twelfth national tour of CATS (Litterbox/ Jennyanydots U/S), Jake is thrilled to be performing in MISSED CONNECTIONS once again.  A frequent poster to Missed Connections (yes, that was me who messaged you last week- Respond!), this piece has a very special place in his heart.  Thanks to his fellow desperate romantics, Dean Roth, and the Frenemies.  #BLESSED


LAUREN ROTH (creator)

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MICHAEL LORZ (performer)
He is super famous, so you probably already know his credits, but in case you don't, here they are--TV: Heroes (Claire Bennet), Laverne & Shirley (Laverne). Film: Kill Bill Vol. 1 (Uma Therman's Stand-in). B'way: Enron (Tony nom. Best Sup. Actor), Flahooley (OBC), Flora the Red Menace (Flora). Off-B'way: yes, some of that, too. @michaellorz13.

Special thanks to Dean Roth and Royanth Productions

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